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44th Road

11-11 44th Road - Long Island City - NY 11101

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Court Squares

45-22 Pearson St - Long Island City - NY 11101

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197 Franklin St - Greenpoint -
NY 11222

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Kirk - 44th Road and Greenpoint

Kirk is a co-founder of Otis & Finn. Before opening the shop, he was a barber in Manhattan. He's worked in the fashion industry for 10 years.

A Queens boy for many years now, Kirk wanted to open a shop in the borough that provided high-quality traditional barbering services while also creating a place for neighbors to come, meet and get to know one another. That's how Otis & Finn was born.

Jordan - 44th Road

A native New Yorker, Jordan has been in the NYC men's grooming scene for several years as both a barber and a stylist, including styling for NY men’s fashion week shows as well as numerous LGBTQ designers. Creating a style that not only looks chic, but is manageable and realistic for the client is a priority. Jordan has a loyal clientele that travel near & far for her fades as well as her shear work. We are thrilled she is part of the Otis & Finn family.

Fellipe - Court Square

Originally from Brazil, Fellipe has called Queens his home for a long time now. Fellipe has always been drawn to fashion, photography, and men's hair styles. From that passion, Fellipe conceived and launched his own men's hair product line called Braze Hair Products, which he still owns and operates today. Fellipe was drawn to barbering because of his interest in the profession and because he wanted to interact and understand the needs of the people who used his product line. His eye for style and attention to detail, paired with his extensive background in men's hair products, make him an excellent barber.

Shaun - Greenpoint

Shaun has been in the barbering game for over three years. He has spent most of his professional career in Queens. Shaun is incredible at working with and understanding his clients’ goals and executing them to perfection.

Corren - Court Square

Corren has been a member of the Otis & Finn family since the beginning, spending a lot of time at the shops. After a career in fashion, Corren finally decided to make the leap to barbering where he’s has found his true calling. He has an incredible eye for sharp, sleek looks and a knack for working with clients to get exactly the right cut every time.

Hunter - Court Square

Hunter specializes in traditional gentleman's haircuts. He loves working with old school styles and adding a modern twist. He helps his clients understand what their hair naturally wants to do and how it will grow back in order to achieve a better and long lasting cut.

Chris - 44th Road

Chris is a Queens native and has been barbering for over 3 years. He takes pride in building relationships with his clients and making them feel at home in his chair. He has a keen eye for detail and loves all things bold and bright and is never afraid to try something new.

Sean - 44th Road and Court Square

Born in Baltimore, Sean has made his way up the coast, stopping in Philly for a few years before deciding to call New York City home. Sean has found a way to combine his skill in building client relations and his creative background, and bring that to the world of Barbering. He is able to understand what a client wants and executes it, ensuring they leave feeling positive, fresh, and confident.

Sandro - 44th Road

Light - 44th Rd, Greenpoint and Court Sq.

David - Greenpoint

Dylan - Greenpoint

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Our barbers love their craft, and providing classic high-quality barbering services to every single client is our starting point.  The best barbers have innate skills and a sense of style that can’t be taught and our focus is finding those barbers and making them part of our team. More than that, Otis & Finn was built to be community outpost for LIC and Queens – a chill environment welcome to all people.  This is a place to come, meet your neighbors, talk about what’s happening around us, and revive the lost art of conversation.  We may even offer you a shot of bourbon to help you get started if you need some inspiration.

– Queens Y’all!

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